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Joy is out there.

We make the stuff to help you go find it.

Thrill-seekers making gear for thrill-seekers.

Our first passion is adventure. But since we’ve struggled to find the gear to do it right, our second passion is making gear for adventure.

A ridiculous amount of adventure.

We’re constantly pushing the limits—and honestly, we do it just for the sake of pushing the limits. Since the only goal we innovate with is “more adventure,” we end up making stuff that makes the outdoors more fun.

Better recoveries lead to better rides.

Can a better recovery strap make offroading more fun, even when it’s not in use? We’d like to think so. As any off-roader fanatic or overlanding junkie knows, you’ll hit the corners a little bit harder if you’re confident that your recovery straps can get you out of any mess.

We’re in the business of “heck yeah.”

This is who we are.

Pure Joy

Make no mistake, we’re in this for the fun. We make products that make outdoor experiences better.

Freedom and Adventure

A new level of confidence in your gear and your ability to recover. Drive faster, stay out later, and take that new road.


You got yourself into this mess. But with a YANK™ recovery strap, you can also get yourself out.

Gear that makes the outdoors more fun—if that’s even possible.

We sell awesome memories that haven’t happened yet.

For every “watch this,” there’s a YANK™ recovery strap.

The Recovery Strap